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If you have made the decision to try online shopping, then you must be feeling like you’re a cat on a hot tin roof! It’s an exciting prospect to be able to purchase items without having to drive to a mall or store, but at the same time, it is a little scary because of the unknowns.

This article aims to explain to you how to deal with these apprehensions and make sure that your online shopping experience is without any bad incident.

eCommerce shopping should always start with a secure computer. That’s the first and most important rule of online shopping. This does not just refer to security software like an anti-spyware, anti-malware, anti-virus, and firewall but also to your passwords. Do check all your passwords and change those that are too simple or easy to guess.

Your next step would be to set up your preferred payment scheme. There are the usual credit cards and online debit systems. Naturally, it’s important to avoid using credit cards with a high or unlimited credit line.

Your first purchase should be with a known seller. Also, it is highly recommended that you start by buying something low priced instead of going for the big electronics or appliances. While it’s very easy to buy anything online, there are minor mistakes that can be made. For instance, you could make a mistake with size, colour, or finding out that the item you ordered is just the wrong model number.

In fact, here are the top minor mistakes usually committed by online shoppers:

1. Not asking about shipping costs
2. Late deliveries
3. Wrong shipping address
4. Posting your personal email information and ending up with a lot of spam in your inbox
5. Getting billed more than once

Once you have made your decision on what to buy, be sure to read everything on the order form. You may discover too late that returns are going to be an additional expense and shipping costs may be too much to bother with. This means a total waste of your money since you can’t use it, but neither can you return without incurring a lot of expense.

Using Credit Cards

There is lot of potential hazards in using credit cards because if your credit card number is accessed by an unscrupulous person, he or she can use it to make purchases. If you are planning to use a credit card, choose a card that has a small limit so that you control your online shopping, and can also protect yourself from possible costs due to hacking. Also, avoid saving your credit number on a website even if you trust the website and plan to buy from them regularly. It doesn’t take long to type it in anyway.

Online Shopping Promotions

As an online shopper, you will come across some pretty interesting offers. These come in the form of discount coupons and freebies. Before agreeing to any, it’s vital that you do some research about the offers. Some may have strings attached that you may not agree with. All you have to do is check the offer in a search engine to find out what the feedback is. People who have been disappointed with an online promotion usually end up blogging about it. But do consider them seriously because you could get a fantastic deal online which you may never find in a land-based retail outlet.

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