What is fine art photography?

What is fine art photography?    Marlene Neumann was chosen as one of the top three women photographers in South Africa at the National Mbokodo Awards for Women in the Arts. When you see her photos, it is easy to see why her body of work exemplifies what is ‘fine art photography’. Fine art photography […]


Buying DIY furniture online

If you’ve just bought a new house or if you’re doing some redecorating, we agree that buying new furniture is an exciting activity. However, with the range of products available on the market – local and international – you can’t be blamed for feeling anxious about where to buy, what to buy, and what to […]


How to identify antique furniture

How to identify antique furniture In this era of new gadgets, new trends, and new conveniences, fewer and fewer people have time for the old things of the world: timeless art, 16th century poetry, horses and carriages, and antique furniture. However, since there is a limited amount of antique furniture left in the world that […]