What is fine art photography?

What is fine art photography?   

Marlene Neumann was chosen as one of the top three women photographers in South Africa at the National Mbokodo Awards for Women in the Arts. When you see her photos, it is easy to see why her body of work exemplifies what is ‘fine art photography’. Fine art photography is not just point and shoot; it’s about capturing the spiritual essence of a moment. Marlene has exactly that skill.

Her approach to photography is intuitive and creative. She uses the camera as an extension of herself so that the photograph captures what she saw, in the mood she saw it in, almost as if we, the viewer, for a brief minute, are her. The Southern Africa landscapes sometimes glower; sometimes the subject is seemingly whimsical, but always beautiful.  ‘The Journey Home’ feels especially evocative. Who hasn’t been on a long journey and with a happy heart seen that view of the final road leading to comfort and safety after a heavy tread?

Her collection ‘Intimate Images’ is stunning, especially the Lost and Found fish, and understandably these pieces are sought after around the world. It’s true that art appraisals are subjective, but Marlene’s photographs have superior technical finish with her own chemical concoctions and that added je ne sais quoi that makes her work inspired and inspirational.

What will you do at Marlene Neumann’s workshops?

Escape the daily grind and learn how to use the creative part of your brain with Marlene Neumann’s Creativity through Photography workshops in East London. There’s something for everyone, with a six-week course on Wednesdays and for a short, intense burst, there is a weekend course that runs Friday to Sunday.

The workshops are designed to help you learn about your camera, new techniques to improve your skill set, and learn a bit more about yourself as a creative being. You’ll definitely make new friends too in a nurturing and calm environment.

Students learn technical aspects of taking photographs, moderated, as always, with the focus on the creative force within. There are assignments designed to help students frame their photographs with their inner selves as well as through the view-finder.