Get clothes straight from the runway… on sale!

Get clothes straight from the runway… on sale!

Imagine you belonged to an entirely exclusive club and had access to unique sale goodies that non-members didn’t even know about. Maybe you know about the website, but unless you sign up, there’s no way to see what’s on sale or be able to get your hands on hugely discounted stuff. Without signing up, you’ll actually miss out on everything from runway fashion to luggage and laptop bags and sexy lingerie – no membership, no access, no sale… no smile.

Launched last year, the site – www.runwaysale.co.za – is a flash sale site running in an ecommerce format. And by “flash”, we don’t mean Adobe Flash, we mean “flash sale”: members who have signed up will receive notifications about new specials, particularly on designer clothing that’s been heavily discounted. They can then shop to their hearts’ content and have the goods delivered right to their front door. It’s called a “flash sale site” because the shoppers who capitalise are those that are ready for the announcements of each of the sales, which take place up to three times per week. Each sale is a surprise, but if you’re ready for it, you can get amazing, discounted designer clothing sent right to your accommodation in Fourways – or anywhere in the country, for that matter.

The Runway [Sale] website was launched by Elmien Smit and Karl Hammerschmidt, who are intrepid online entrepreneurs working with international designers to bring their customers these amazing deals. While shoppers can avoid the chaos of trying to find parking at a shopping centre, waiting in queues in clothing stores, or having to deal with offline pay-points; the fun in Runway [Sale] lies in the surprise factor of each of the flash sale announcements.

Sign-up is free, but it opens the door to your newfound shopping freedom and provides the opportunity to get to the front of the virtual queue to take advantage of these great savings deals. There are only limited numbers of sale items and when stock runs out, that’s it, so you need to make sure you’re at the front of the line.

The main benefit of this kind of flash sale ecommerce website is that goods you would normally find at exorbitant international prices are brought down to something that’s not only affordable, but also nicely discounted. And once you’ve paid for your sale items, you simply wait for the time to pass until the doorbell rings and your purchases are delivered. The only real downside is that if it’s clothing you’re after, you don’t get to try it on before making your purchase.