Visit State of the Art’s online gallery

Visit State of the Art’s online gallery

When talking about buying art – whether from galleries or at art auctions – you may have heard the advice to do thorough research before buying art from an online gallery. The question arises of how you know you’re getting what you paid for; how the “real deal” artwork actually looks (compared to a photo posted online), and how you know you can trust the dealer is punting original work of bona fide artists (that you’re paying for) and not some backroom unknown artist looking for a quick buck? One of the best ways to ascertain the trustworthiness of an online gallery is to see whether they have a brick-and-mortar address (preferably also a gallery) and how well visited their physical address is.

Open the door to StateoftheArt.co.za and State of the Art Gallery in the Cape Town CBD. The interesting fact about State of the Art is that instead of starting out as a brick-and-mortar gallery and expanding into the online space, they started the other way around – an online gallery that now has a physical address.

About StateoftheArt.co.za

StateoftheArt.co.za was born when founder, Jennifer Reynolds, saw the need to provide a space for as yet undiscovered South African artists to promote their work and gain some recognition through the sale of their original artwork online. Jennifer acknowledged the difficulty of unknown artists to get their work displayed in art galleries, with some artists having to wait for three years before their efforts were even recognised. StateoftheArt.co.za provides the ideal platform for these young and early-career artists to get proper exposure for their work, but on the other side of the coin, the website also gives local and international collectors the opportunity to acquire high-quality original art for a very reasonable cost.

StateoftheArt.co.za recently paired up with G2 Art to give their website a physical location, which can be found at 62 Shortmarket Street in the Cape Town CBD. They invite all visitors to walk through the door and experience the fantastic artwork of local artists

The artists at StateoftheArt.co.za

In order to maintain the quality of the State of the Art brand, the artists go through a stringent, but fair vetting process before featuring on the website and in the gallery. When South African artists’ works are put up for sale on the online gallery, they are provided with a space for biographical information and an interview section, and visitors can get an overview of their works (available and sold) before deciding what they like and where to buy. There are currently 66 featured artists whose works are available to peruse – any art collector will be spoiled for local choice on StateoftheArt.co.za.